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Tech: Taipei Computer Market 新光華

Tech: Taipei Computer MarketIf you are looking for anything computer or tech related you should be able to find it either inside Xin Guang Hua 新光華 building or in one of the hundreds of shops in the surrounding area!

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Tech: Taipei Computer Market 新光華

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  • rain3000

    Hi, first of all thanks for your videos.
    I will be living in Taipei next year, and about due for a new computer><. So I was wondering due you think it would be cheaper to buy it here [i live in USA] or wait and buy on there when I arrive??

    • David Rowswell

      Probably cheaper in the US.

  • We View Taiwan

    Yeah probably cheaper there depending on what you want, but you would probably get better tech support if you bought here…

  • Ans

    Where can I buy goose down pillows?

    • admin

      wow! No idea sorry! :(